20-Minute Total Body Workout

Are you new to rowing or simply want great results by training only 20 minutes daily? This workout is for you!

If you've never used a rowing machine before and think it's just an upper-body workout, prepare to be surprised. Rowing offers a full-body exercise, from shoulders to calves, strengthening all muscle parts, while also giving you a cardio workout at the same time.

This beginner-friendly rowing workout from Anna Cummins, a master rowing instructor, is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Simply set the damper (a device on the side of the flywheel that controls the drag) between 3 and 5, choose pace mode, and row (take note of the rowing exercise form tips below), aiming for the recommended speeds.

After 9 minutes, stand up and stretch those hard worked muscles—or for an added challenge do walking lunges for an active shake-out. Then sit back down on the rowing machine for the second half of your session. Enjoy!


Rowing Exercises for a 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

Rowing Exercises for a 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

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